Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My public selling debut

I'm new to Louisville, KY.

Although I've been living in Kentucky on and off since last May (I can't believe it's been almost 9 months!) I have lived a life of productive isolation. I've spent the majority of my time in an old amazing farmhouse on a 140 acres of land about 40 miles east of Louisville.  

While this location has been extremely advantageous for creative output (no TV, no internet until a month ago, no easy way to run to entertainment or events) it has also left me a bit cut off from the artistic and crafting community of Louisville. It's about 80 miles roundtrip from the farm to Louisville. Heck, it's 14 miles roundtrip just to get to the grocery.

That's why I was so excited when my dear friend Lydia, who is the creative mind behind Lunar Laundry (I sew for her, check her FB page here or on my links tab), told me about the Female Art Collective.

The Female Art Collective is a group of female artists, crafters and creatives who make beautiful things and hold trunk shows, participate in local art fairs, and are just an awesome sounding group of ladies. After emailing Mary, the woman who puts everything together, I was warmly welcomed to participate in the trunk show they are hosting this friday.

Once a month Louisville has a First Friday Trolley Hop. Street trolleys take participants on a tour of downtown galleries and businesses for free!  Many local galleries and restaurants participate and offer free admission, drink/food specials, and other deals.  The trunk show I will be at is taking place at Nancy's Bagels on Frankfort Ave.  Not only is it close to Glassworks, their bagels are the best I've had outside of New York (and that's saying something)!

This will be my public selling debut.  I'm very excited and slightly nervous about the reception I will get.  I'm looking forward to having a live customer base to give me opinions and just to see what sells. It will be a great opportunity to try out the product displays I've made and see what works and looks best. I am most excited to network and meet the other women who will be participating.  I have a lot to learn and I can't wait to pick some of their brains.  

If you live in or around Louisville feel free to swing by.  There will be free wine and snacks and lots of beautiful, locally made art.

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