About Lindsey

Lindsey has been creating out of fiber, fabric and found objects (the three F's of life) avidly since her mother began teaching her such skills at a very young age. Always a hobby crafter/artist it would take some years to realize her skills had real value.

While a theatre major in Wisconsin she discovered that her sewing skills could actually be *gasp* a REAL job. With ambition and a dream in her heart she moved to Brooklyn, NY where she spent the last three years sewing and assistant designing costumes for Broadway, off Broadway, opera and film. In the mean time she was still making trinkets and fun things to keep her own creative urges satiated.   

Now in Louisville, KY Lindsey is bringing her hobbies center stage.
Let the creating commence!

FLNL & HNLY is named after and inspired by Lindsey's two kittens who serve as a constant source of whimsy and amusement. She hopes her creations are a fraction as charming as their namesakes.

In March she will be sharing studio space at the Highlands Art Studios with the amazing artist Joan Shulte

When not creating things for FLNL & HNLY Lindsey just can't stop making things. She sews for Lunar Laundry, a local clothing line, which you can find for sale at Cherry Bomb in Louisville.  She creates music by playing French horn, trumpet, guitar and singing. She creates delicious vegan food and baked goods. And most importantly, she creates mischief and shenanigans on a pretty regular basis.